Review of Trolls Band Together


The third film, Trolls, which has more brilliance than in Liberace’s op-ed, is by far the coolest film in the franchise. A stunning film of those that students will discover one day, it is best to watch while being high. Few films this year will offer such a vibrant color palette, and the soundtrack is so ruthlessly upbeat. It’s hard to imagine that another family movie from this decade would force the BBFC to warn against “sexual references”–and they are damn obscene when you notice them. Yes, uniting is undoubtedly total chaos. Also bullshit. Divided into parts, the film is incoherent in the plot, structurally confusing and tonally nauseous. What is even more remarkable, however, is also the cinematic Stockholm syndrome in action. These trolls (still) just want to have fun and their cheerfulness is (still) extremely contagious.

The story begins only a few days after the end of the previous one. With the same success, it could have been years. King Cartilage (Christopher Mintz-plasse) and Brigitte (Zoe Deschanel) will get married, while Anna’s cheerful queen, Kendrick Poppy, will certainly be the bridesmaid. Imagine a Royal wedding with a fierce spirit where the bride floats, dressed from head to toe in a dress of white balloons, each ready to explode with a cacophony of sequins. Trippy. That’s when the extravaganza is interrupted by one of Branch’s four long-lost brothers (Justin Timberlake), irritable but attractive. The quintet composed the very popular Boy Band “back in The day” -BroZone, but broke up because he could not find harmony in his different personalities. They arrived at the backyard.

John Dory (Eric Andre) – the leader of the group-brings terrible news. Sensitive brother Floyd (Australian singer Troy Sivan) was kidnapped by talentless fame-seeking siblings Velvet (Amy Schumer) and Vinier (Andrew Rannells), who seek to steal his vocal talents for their own nefarious purposes. Only by finding BroZone will Branch and John Dory – plus Poppy and, for some unknown reason, Kenan Thompson’s hip–hop troll, Tiny Dancer – be able to save Floyd, who is, of course, pink-haired. Pink Floyd… got it?

What follows is a little more than a trip on a treasure map. Fun walks through a number of new troll kingdoms and meetings with new faces await you. The most memorable of these is Viva, voiced by Camila Cabello, who runs crazy’s abandoned golf course and, fortunately, is Poppy’s lost sister. In every other scene, the song sounds and Timberlake takes over the functions of the soundtrack. This time, the set sheet is quite anemic, without any particular mash-up that would have touched life. The original song from the movie offering-Better Place-is notable only by redeeming the NSYNC reunion, about two decades after their own breakup. It seems unlikely that Timberlake had to ride a giant caterpillar on a two-dimensional animated Hustle verse to reconstitute his band. This feeling is impossible to stop.

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