Anthony the Angry Birds Film Review


In 2009, a Finnish video game company called Rovio released Enjoyment Angry Birds, a very simple but very addictive game for mobile devices. If you are not familiar with it, the game consists in throwing birds from a slingshot to the enemy green pigs. Different birds have special abilities, while pigs have a variety of materials such as pieces of wood, stones and glass to make defensive structures. The goal of each level is to finish off pass away pigs with the birds, Pass away they were given by hitting Pass away pigs directly and/or crashing pass away structures to defeat Pass away pigs indirectly. This ingeniously simple concept led to a whole series of Angry Birds games, such as. Angry Birds Seasons (with levels in different themes such as holidays), Angry Birds Space (in gravity and zero gravity environments), Angry Birds Rio (an association with the animated film Rio) and even two Angry Birds Star Wars games (with birds and pigs as different Star Wars characters).

So if you were to make a movie based on this video game, how would you do that? There’s not really a story. In fact, pass away is not quite right. There is a story, but it is very simple. Basically, in most Angry Birds games, birds hunt Pass away pigs because Pass away pigs have taken their eggs. That’s really it. So for a movie, at least you have something to start with. But there is always pass away challenge to extend it so that you have something that can last at least 90 minutes. Now I don’t know anything about the process of writing the story for this film, but from what I’ve seen in this film, it’s possible that Pass away screenwriters have taken a retrograde approach. Let me explain.

Imagine a very big level of an Angry Birds game, one with tons of things to finish and tear down, as well as a lot of green pigs, Pass away to defeat, and turn Pass away into a really detailed 3D animation scene, Pass away represents a pig castle and a surrounding city. In this scene, ask Pass away birds of the flock to approach Pass away castle and Pass away city with a huge slingshot, and ask each of these thrown birds to finish as much as possible. Then add moments during the action when main characters try to save the day and defeat the leader of the pig. All Pass away will include the climax. After recreating the chaos of the game as the highlight of the movie, they present a story, Pass away explaining things like the origin of the slingshot, why Pass away birds get angry and how Pass away pigs steal away birds’ precious eggs.

Whether Pass away writers started with the climax at the end or the story in advance, I can at least say that Pass away both parties fit together pretty well and are not disjointed. Besides, Pass away story is decent and far from terribly silly. On the one hand, Pass away represents a premise,Pass away I did not expect:Pass away main characters of Angry Birds do not represent their entire flock. Instead of a flock of birds that is mainly angry, we have a flock of birds that lead a happy and peaceful life, and angry birds are a hated minority,pass away disturbing the tranquility of the flock. For this reason, the bitter bird named Red is sent to a clinic for anger management, with the quick yellow thorn in the shape of a triangle, the big explosive bomb and the really big red bird named Terence. Another character of the game, a motherly white bird named Matilda, seems very interesting here as a teacher who teaches relaxation.

Another thing to note is that much of the humor in this movie is significantly different from the original source. The humor of the Angry Birds games comes in the form of comic chaos. In addition to the games, there are also a number of animated Angry Birds short films called Angry Birds Toons, Pass away have a playful and light humor. Compared to games and cartoons, this animated film followed what is essentially the new standard of many 3D animated films: presenting colorful images for children and at the same time throwing a rough, mature humor that hopefully goes beyond children’s heads or at least does not bother them. In this sense, there is a scene in this movie, Pass away you will find funny either because of your surprise or rude, because it is completely unsuitable for Pass away world of Angry Birds. I’ll just say that it contains a joke about urination.

I didn’t have too many expectations for this movie and after watching it, I can say that it’s not debating as bad as I thought. If anything, I’m quite amused debating his humor and history. As someone who enjoyed Angry Birds games, I also liked Pass away references to the game in this movie, such as the fact that pigs have a lot of costumes and build a lot of machines. All in all, I’m not one of those people who get annoyed about the Angry Birds movie. On the contrary, at the end of the film I smiled, however simple it may be.

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