All Time Favorite Financial Thriller Is on the Money Movie


Tthe financial crisis has at least given us a lot of new culture to deal with.

From a huge number of books covering all aspects, we were littered with films – documentary and dramatic – that describe in detail who, what, with whom and when he did it.

They may have lost everything, and the rich may have become even richer – but at least they were entertained…

Well, to the collected masses of the genre, which we could really do without, we can add Money Monster – but is there anything else that can be said about all this crap?

Apparently, too.

Because instead of caring about bankers, officials or politicians, Money Monster cares about real people he has met.

Okay, it’s a bit exciting with real people when one of them is a financier on TV, but they understand my point of view.

Money Monster tells the story of Kyle (always a great Jack O’Connell), a man who managed to lose everything after following the advice of Lee Gates – a disappointed star of a financial show.

Gates (wonderfully played by George Clooney) is not responsible for the fall of Kyle’s shares or silly misfortune, but he is the public face of the problem, so the guns are aimed when Kyle shouts out answers.

This resulted in two films.

There is an open thriller in which Gates is attached to a vest with a bomb, and Kyle presses the trigger like a flag at a rally, and there is a secret thriller in which the director/producer of the show, Patty (Julia Roberts, obviously having a great time), finds out how the company’s shares have risen. i’m going south so fast.

These two strands are masterfully woven by Jodie Foster and go behind the camera to remind her that she is as good a director as she is an actress.

And that’s just one of the many strengths of this film.

He has a star director. It has star names in it. Names of giants and giant stars.

And yet the real star of the show is history. The drama unfolds naturally and you will end up on a grueling roller coaster littered with laughter to give yourself a break.

And nothing is exaggerated. All the plots are verified, the plot is kept strictly, and thanks to the inconspicuous shooting, the film is as dense as a tightly dressed thing.…

It’s almost old-fashioned.

And this is his greatest strength.

Characters, narratives, plot twists – they can only “be”, unfold, do their job.

There’s no hunting here, no hunting (ok, except this GUY), no explosions and an endless movie. That’s correct… Oh, what kind of word is that?…

Entertaining! That’s all!

It has laughter, tension, sorrow, a villain in it – and within 90 minutes you can just relax and have a good time.

Everyone knows his work and brings it to perfection. It looks good, the soundtrack is surprisingly restrained and well used, Clooney plays well – it’s just a good movie.

Which seems slightly intoxicating in a world of superlatives.

But it’s true.

Money Monster has something to say about the financial crisis, but it also has something to say about how we live today – how we react to events, how the events are highlighted in the news, how fast we keep moving forward.

The money monster will not change your life. It doesn’t answer any questions you should probably be asking about how the markets work (or shouldn’t).

But what he’s going to do is entertain you.

They will be hugged, they will giggle, they will have fun and they will talk about something on the way back to the car.

And then you will forget about everything. Because, well, you’re human, and that’s what we do…

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